Movie actor cum director, Kobi Rana has taken to social media to reveal that his upcoming movie has been ban from showing in theaters and location already paid for by his team.

In a statement , the actor and his management said his upcoming movie, titled Freedom and Justice has been ban from showing in all the location he already advertised.

According to his team, the Ghana Tourism Authority served notices to all the venues the movie was to be screened and subsequently visited the locations and locked them up with armed police men.

The movie which had actors and actresses like David Dontoh, Clemento Suarez , Kobi Rana, Akomaa and Kafui Daku was supposed to be aired on the 25th of December 2020 but this unforeseen action by the Ghana Tourism Authority has stalled the process.

The team in their statement revealed they were ready to refund every money paid by Ghanaians.

But most importantly, the statement failed to state why the movie was ban from the venues. Reasons we believe might be attributed to this ban, if its actually a ban is the government stands on Covid-19 restriction.

We here at celebritieshyedotcom honestly find it difficult to believe the movie was banned simply because of its content. Freedom and Justice is a comic movie which talks about corruption and its negative effects on Ghanaians.

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