I have read with disgust on social media , the rates at which Ghanaians especially those under the auspices of the elephant party have tried earnestly to refer to the former president as the promiscuous husband or better known, the “Papa no” and rant riot with other unprintable words on his excellency the former president.

My piece here is not to hold brief for the man John Mahama neither is my piece an indictment on the Minister for information. My comments are just to pinpoint the dishonesty and how low our day to day politics have sunked courtesy the minister for information.

Over the weeks, Tracy Boakye, an actress and a staunch follower of the former president had a verbal argument with another John Mahama daughter and musician, Mzbel. In the exchanges, Tracy Boakye lowered the bar and went dirty with some of her name calling and revelations. She brought in an unknown person as a sponsor of herself and Mzbel. She named him “Papa no” which has degenerated to become a term.

During the same week, unidentified individuals who I believe to be Npp fanatics created thumbnails with the former president in the midst of these two female celebrities insinuating that the former president was the “papa no” these ladies were referring to.

Over time, many Npp fanatics threw common sense, politeness to the gutters and jumped onto this frivolous insinuations and started linking the former president to the “Papa no” and deduce that he was sleeping around with these ladies while married to the first lady, Lordina Mahama.

Thinking that was enough, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, the minister for information, who has been described by many as the finest minister the country has ever had jumped onto the bandwagon and dragged it from his home into Parliament.

In a debate with the minority in Parliament, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah drew out his best arsenal from his quiver and described a minority member of Parliament as the “Papa no”. Obviously we all know the intention of the minister and the minority Mp wasn’t his target. He only used him as a bait to get to the former president. In other words, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah labeled John Mahama as the promiscuous married man who had siphoned state resources to finance his slay queens. The minister used his opportunity in Parliament to amplifier what his party foot soldiers had already started on social media, to create the narrative and push it further.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah might be articulate and better than many of his compatriot in this administration but he isn’t a “fine” gentleman and a presidential material as many wants us to believe. Over his time as Minister, Mr Nkrumah has proven to be a faćade and honestly bankrupt when it comes to speaking the truth or being truthful. He’s a tool used by the Akufo Addo administration to propagate its agenda of feeding the public with false news. His command over the English language affords him the opportunity to side steps questions that needs urgent answers. A case in question is his decision to sidestep the question he was asked on GhOne Tv by Serwaa Amihere when he knew his government had used its power to institutionalised violence that comes from its crops.

Mr Nkrumah who also doubles as MP can not hold his chest up and high and declare himself pious and without sin to label someone as ‘Papa no’ and expose the person up for ridicule.

Yesterday, Aplus, who also has a credibility deficit took the minister on and has by far proven that, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah isn’t as fine and moral as he wants us to believe. He’s neck deep in what he describes of others.

You don’t start a scandal and turn around to feign innocent. What the minister did was to give room and space for the NDC to do same to the sitting president. Akufo Addo can’t tell us he’s an angel and as a human will also have down moments. Sammy Gyamfi like any loving person who finds the minister’s comments on the floor of Parliament unfortunate and pathetic went on the offensive and used dirty and unprintable words to describe the current president.

In this case who do I blame? I solely blame the minister for information who should have known better and leave these issues for his party foot soldiers and concentrate on important governmental issues.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah isn’t a fine gentleman and needs not to be pitied. His comments were disgusting and shameful.