Ghanaian journalist, marriage counselor and woman’s rights activist who hosts a talk show on Adorn TV, Akumaa Mama Zimbi has rubbished the myth that Krobo women are promiscuous.

According to the philanthropist known for her radio and tv sex talk show, Krobo women are not promiscuous as people think but rather, God has blessed the krobo women with good sex drive and the ability to get their public part neat.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on a one on one interview, Mama Zimbi added that, unlike other women who are very bad in bed, the krobos are very good in bed and make sure their men are satisfied anytime they have sexual encounters.

We as Krobo are taught how to have sex. We know how to cook. We were taught how to keep ourselves. we are just good in bed. and we take very good care of our selves and vagina” she said.

Mama Zimbi usually counsels people on sex, marriage and love. When teaching about sex, she even shows people different ways of spicing up the bedroom life. Styles like Sudan sex style are among her many discussions about sex.