A number of Ghanaians on social media have taken to the micro-blogging platform Twitter to express their displeasure at the current cost of living in the country.

While some accuse the current administration of reneging on their promises to stabilized the cedi during the 2016 elections, others have also accused the NPP administration of increasing the price of fuel.

Though the government keeps touting of stabilizing inflation, the prices of food items keeps increasing by the day. A ball of GHC 1.00 kenkey now looks like the size of a table tennis ball.

This and other economic hardship has led a number of Ghanaians to use the #KromAy3shi hashtag to express their grievances.

A twitter user by the handle @qwequbigsoul posted photos of some items and compared their prices today to a few years ago and argued that , there had been an astronomical price hike

Another user with the handle @JohnTerryTresh juxtaposed the Finance minister’s comment where he said the government payroll is full to that of John Boadu’s campaign statement of importing labor into Ghana .

Others saw the fun side of it.

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