News reaching our desk indicates that the Founder and leader of the Heavens Gate Ministry, Nicholas Osei , popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha is recuperating from an injury he sustained from his fellow clergyman Prophet Nigel Gasie.

The two have been at each others throat for some months now after Prophet Kumchacha revealed that Nigel Gasie is a façade and a fake man of God.

In an attempt to allow peace to prevail between the two men of God, Jesus Abrante3 had invited the two over to smoke the peace pipe.

However, tempers flared up and that which was supposed to be peaceful meeting turned chaotic. It’s alleged that, Prophet Nigel Gasie took some lessons from Mike Tyson’s book to bit of the ear of Kumchacha. Kumchacha was subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Source: Celebrities Hype News