Fast rising Ghanaian rapper Kweku Smoke has launched a scathing attacked on Lynx Entertainment artist Kuame Eugene for his comments about Bosom Pyung “Ataa Adwoa” viral song.

According to reports, Kuame Eugene is said to have made a disrespectful comments about Bosom Pyung song. He is rumored to have said Ghanaians like hyping foolish songs after “Attaa Adwoa” and “One corner” went viral.

Kweku Smoke , who is known to be friends with the ”Attaa Adwoa” hit-maker, did not take Kuame Eugene’s words lightly and decided to go after him on twitter.

Dey your lane Boosu don’t talk on anybody related to me…if ebi your time ebi your time. Because Enoe be your song ebi foolish song Kwasia if Enoe be Ghana like how you this Jon boys fee do music sef …you don’t choose what people should listen to ahiaafo) nkurasefo) aho)yaa ” he tweeted.

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