Popular Ghanaian artist Kwaw Kese has come out to defend what he said earlier concerning Popcaan public smoking of marijuana.

According to the”bottles” hitmaker and multiple award-winning artist, he does not hate popcaan as many have resorted to believe but his social media rants was against the Ghana police. The rapper opine that, it was uncalled for for the police to protect Popcaan who was publicly smoking and be arresting those discreetly smoking in the ghettos.

Using his case as an example, the rapper said he was smoking marijuana in a hideout after a performance in Kumasi but he was arrested and paraded like someone who had been caught smoking in public.

Kwaw Kese went on to ask for the decriminalization of weed smoking and the legalization of the substance.

This he believes will benefit everybody and the selective amnesia of those in authority will be minimized.

Popcaan yesterday posted a video of himself smoking weed in Nima with police escorts. This inferiorted Kwaw Kese who later spoke against it.

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