Things took another turn when a woman who could no longer bear the embarrassment of being labeled a prostitute by her husband in a commercial vehicle decided to teach him some lessons he will never want to forget in a hurry.

The infuriated woman who had clearly had enough of her husband unmeasured insult, launched an attack on him by holding him by the color of his cloth and strangling him whiles hitting him on the head.

What kind of nonsense is this, what kind of rubbish is this” as she scream whiles saying ” you are insulting me ?

Apparently whiles the two were in the commercial vehicle, a man who seated in front of the married woman asked for her number which seemed to have angered the husband. He then resorted to calling his wife a prostitute.

Things then went from 0 to 100 as the woman charged fiercely on her now subdued husband.

This happened in Lagos, Nigeria

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