Creating a bodacious body can come with serious repercussions. No one knows this better than a 26-year-old Brazilian woman, whose desire for a bigger butt resulted in painful life-changing results.

According to Daily Mail, Angela Pedrosa was left in dire need of reconstructive surgery after she was reportedly injected with 300mls of industrial silicone. 

Instead of receiving the perfectly rounded posterior she desired, the mother-of-three experienced devastating complications that resulted in painful gaping wounds across her rear.

After receiving the botched cosmetic procedure in Rio de Janeiro, Perdosa spent two grueling months in the hospital with doctors consistently fighting to save her life by removing infected and decomposing tissue.

While Pedrosa thankfully survived the life-altering ordeal, sadly she was left with unsightly crater-like scars on her buttocks.

To repair her damaged apple bottom—and her overall self-esteem—Pedrosa enlisted the help of doctors to repair her disfigured bottom. Let’s just say that the changes have not been without its troubles.

Last month, when plastic surgeons removed fat deposits from her thighs to rebuild her butt, the operation didn’t go as planned when transplanted deposits were rejected and began to rot.
Unfortunately, according to the surgeons that performed the procedure, her bottom was left lopsided because “the left cheek requires more filler.”

In efforts to create a more full look to her glutes and to minimize the constant pain she experiences, Pedrosa will be undergoing her second Brazilian butt lift procedure, which, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has an alarming mortality rate.
After she recovers from her last operation, she will undergo a follow-up operation to extract additional fat from her tummy to achieve a more rounded look.

We wish Pedrosa the best with her journey towards a normal and healthy lifestyle. 
We hope that this story, along with the stories singer Kimberly Michelle (K. Michelle) has shared on numerous occasions about the health complications that she experienced after receiving butt-injections, can help you make an informed decision about cosmetic surgery plans