A lady has taken to social media platform Instagram to narrates her ordeal in the hands of a new guy she met not long ago.

According to the lady, who goes by the IG name “its.pearl”, she became friends with this guy who was overly smitten by her facial beauty.

SO She visited him one day and was asked to spend the evening which she obliged. She further gave in to sex when the guy requested for one but was later sacked around 2:40am after undressing.

Apparently, she had fallen breast.

She wrote

i had this friend who liked me just because i was facial beatiful, so i decided to pay him a visit after some months we met. When i got to his house he asked me to stay over till the next day so i agreed. He asked me for s*x that night so i agreed because i was falling in love with him as i got undressed took my shower, as i came out of the bathroom Nanked he looked at my breast asked me what happened my breast is saggy and i tried explaining to him that i was once fat before and losted a lot of weight that was the reason o i had a saggy breast the next thing this guy did was to book Uber for me around 2:40am and asked me to leave his house just because of my saggy breast. pLEASE GUY IS THIS LOVE OR LUST