An awkward and sad moment a lady who had just been introduced to a doctor from the United States refused to return a money that was wrongfully sent to her has surfaced the internet.

According to sources, the lady had been arrested for her unkind discretion and attempt to keep the money.

Narrating the story, the relative of the doctor said, his cousin who lived in the states , came to Nigeria for the holidays and was introduced to a seemingly nice looking girl. After a week of socialization , the girl asked the doctor for 100,000 naira (GHC 1,567) which he willingly gave.

Then less than Five days, the girl again requested for 95,000 naira (GHC 1,488) to buy hair. The doctor then mistakenly transferred 950,000 Naira (GHC 14,886) and after noticing his mistake, called her to explain issues to her. The lady replied that she thought it was an extra gift.

What happened next was a movie-like experience. The lady archived their chats and blocked him.

Upon her arrest, the lady claimed she thought it was payment for their sex.

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