Reports making headlines since last week of a passenger who lost his life over a GHC 2 lorry fare increment has turned out to be false.

A man was reported to have lost his life over an altercation he had with a driver and his mate when he refused to pay an extra GHC 2 on fares.

But speaking to Daniel Boahen, Organizer of the Lapaz Station, the reports were false and full of inaccuracies.

According to him, the GHC 2 increment was false and that the highest increment that was made for short distances were GHC 0.50p.

He also opined that, the said gentleman did not die and that while he was being driven to the hospital for attention, he got up and requested that he was left alone.

He furthered added that the gentleman, who reports indicates he was in his thirties was a bit drunk hence his altercation with the driver and his mate.

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