Ayisha Modi has berated Samini for coming after Stonebwoy on twitter this morning.

Earlier this morning, the High Grade Family boss release a series of scalding tweets at Stonebwoy for praising Nigeria on the Grammy Award wins.

Samini labeled the Bhim Nation CEO a faker and a sell out. Samini subsequently called Stonebwoy his son(musically) and that his mate is Shatta Wale.

But reacting to Samini incessant tweets, Ayisha Modi has come to the defense of Stonebwoy.

Known as Stonebwoy’s hardcore fan, Ayisha Modi rebuked Samini for his tweets.

According to her, the “Linda” hitmaker should learn sense and leave Stonebwoy alone. She posited that, the likes of Lil Wayne aren’t seen pestering Nicki Minaj and Drake like how Samini is doing to Stonebwoy.

She posted on IG “It’s only in Ghana music, that we do this Godfather/Godson, dada, Mama, Uncle, and all that nonsense…. lil Wayne brought Niki Minaj and Drake on, but he doesn’t go around envying them. Samini, learn sense onu? Leave my 1GAD ALONE. Biko it’s a new year and everyone body make hot 🥵. If you want leave 1GAD and face Bhimnatives cos you and I know @stonebwoyb won’t go too deep with u but we Bhimnatives diaaaa we won’t spare 😂😂😂😂. Lemme go back to bed I will be back. Mr man don’t wake me up again cos my 2nd coming will be dangerous. No one should look for 1GAD’s trouble