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Man goes nakɛd, curses FedEx with schnapps & eggs over his package

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January 07, 2020

A young man who had visited the office of popular courier delivery service FedEx, went fully naked with schnapps in arms and rained curses on the company.

According to information gathered by this outfit, the man who seems to be in his late 30ties, had gone to the trusted courier service Fedex for a package sent to him only for him to be told the package is missing.

Unfortunately, their explanations weren’t taken lightly by the unidentified man who went home only to return naked with a bottle of schnapps and eggs in his arms.

The livid man wasn’t perturbed by the number of pedestrians who were pleading with him to exercise patience as he’s heard saying “…they said my goods cannot be found Nana (god) but show them what rightfully belongs to one person cannot be given to another. Please deal with anyone who felt my goods and saw the paper works yet claims my stuff are not there…”

“…Nana deal with the person,” He repeatedly cursed.

He went back to the FedEx office, called on the gods with libation and rained curses on anyone who’s action or inaction led to the disappearance of his package.

Watch the video below;

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