Named the Vodafone Ghana Music Award best rapper of the year, Medikal, born Samuel Adu Frimpong has always used his talents and musical dexterity to prove that he is indeed one of the best rappers Ghana can boast about. It not easy holding on such a crown but its a holy grail that many have gone at each other for.

Island Extended play released on the 7th of July is a 9 track album with both intro and outro being special on its own.

The album features rappers like Kevin Fianko, Amg Armani, Kwesi Slay and a cameo by Hon.Kennedy Agyapong known for his “You got nerves” comments.

  • Nyame – A 3:18 minutes song featuring Kevin Fianko. The beautifully written tract revolves around the life of a tough blood chap who defies all odds to make it in life. Kevin Fianko didn’t disappoint as he took it off and delivered verses worth the sought. His auto tune part was sick. Nyame is a motivational song.

  • Gyai Me– Has a fast tune and reminds me of a track on fast and furious. It features Kevin Fiano and Amg Armani. If you are a lover of pure rap where one talks about his life, then this is meant for you. The verses from Kevin and Armani as usual took the track to another planet. Verses were hard and spoke directly about the boastful lives of the AMG gang. The beat tempo will be best for fast movies and cars.
  • Nipa– While many though the honorable could only sell in controversies, Kennedy Ayapong cameo in Nipa is worth while. Medikal utilized some of his utterances, employed Kwesi Slay and begotten this sweet song. Nipa also has a high tempo where Medikal did some dancehall lyrics to complete it. Its a 2:42 track
  • Four on the Ep is Shout which features Okese1. Knitted around the famous “Won shouti” term, Medikal spoke about a lady and how he prefer to keep things between them on the low.

Medikal has over the cause of his music career sold his works to Ghanaians and oversees making him one of Ghana’s rappers who brought smiles on the face of the West African country when his lyrics on BBC radio got social media talking. He has also become one of the mos talk about rappers in Ghana, either positively or negatively, the Sowutoum rapper has banked on every controversy.

  • Money Power Respect– This right here is my favorite on the Ep album. As the name connotes, the young Ghanaian rapper talks about having money , power and gaining respect as an outcome. A rap without Medikal boasting will be incomplete as the rapper rap about his intellect and how brainy he is. Medikal featured no one on this 3:34 track. He described it as his realest lyrics. “I aint give the government shit , they can suck my thumb”.

Medikal over the years has build a name for himself as one of the rappers in Ghana who is very good with word play and using words to describe a situation.

  • Vex Me– This has a lot of word play , something the rapper is crown for. No one in Ghana, currently in the limelight is known for such incredible knowledge of word plays in his quiver. Pure hip-hop,is a 4:00 track that solely hard core rap. The rapper , coming from Ghana, speaks wildly of himself.

Island has lived up to the expectation as every track on the album is solid and can compete with every top track out there. Medikal has a style that makes him different and unique from most of his compatriots that hail from the gold rich land called Ghana.