Rapper Medikal has become the attention on social media this morning after a German online company which prides itself of exposing fake Rolex watch wearers accused him of wearing a fake watch.

According to the IG company known as MunichWristbusters, the details of Medikal’s watch makes it fake.

@amgmedikal With a fake Rolex Datejust. His watch is far too high for an original Datejust. In addition, the bezel is clearly too wide and the notches are far too pronounced. The crown of the watch is not in no way similar to that of an original one.”

In an attempt to defend himself, Medikal posted a video dolling thousands of US dollars in a shop.

I mean i stopped showing of money on social media for a lot of reasons. I’m the richest rapper in this Fuken game. And i dont do probs” he tweeted.

May be an image of money and text that says 'EL CHAIRMANO @AmgMedikal mean, stopped showing off money on social media for a a lot of reasons. I'm the richest rapper in this Fuken game. And I don't do props! 1 MUNNEL พทพาร ERSVE FRAENEN N HN'

His tweet was accompanied by a video.

Netizens on twitter tagged the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the USA under his tweet. The rapper immediately with the speed of light deleted his tweet.

We currently don’t know if he has beef with the investigative apparatus of the USA