The Ghana Police Service has issued a statement backing the Western Regional Minister’s claims that Josephine Panyin Mensah was never pregnant before her disappearance.

Ghanaians were left in a state of shock and unbelief when it was reported that Josephine Mensah, who was believed to have been kidnapped in Takoradi while pregnant was infact not pregnant and that her kidnap was staged.

Josephine Mensah was declared missing for about a months now. She was said to have been kidnapped while jogging early morning in Takoradi. She was however found in Axim by a pedestrian.

She was reported to have had difficulty in speaking and only communicated by writing.

According to witnesses who found her, she explained that she was kidnapped by some unknown individuals and her baby was taken from her.

She was later taken to the Axim Medical hospital for examination where it was revealed that she was never pregnant during the time of her disappearance.

The police have revealed that, Josephine Panyi Mensah will now be treated as a suspect. Two individuals have also been arrested to help the police with investigations.