Ghanaian standup comedian and comic content creator, Timothy Musah Junior Abaadu but known widely has MJtheComedian has finally brought to an end , one of his peculiar signature appearance , his ‘missing tooth‘ or

A diastema (plural diastemata) is a space or gap between two teeth.Quite simply, if the teeth are too small for the mouth, gaps may appear between the teeth. Few weeks ago, the comedian shared a post on his social media pages requesting his fans and followers to recommend any specialist or Dentist who has the necessary experience to help him fix and close the space between his front teeth. He however included a funny caveat asking that the fan does the payment.

His harmless request got the attention of one of his many followers ,Miss Ellen Appiah Whyte who took him on his request and got him to a dentist.

MjtheComedian shared a photo of himself with his new teeth alongside the fan in appreciation for her kindness.

Mythecomedian and Ellen Appiah Whyte