Following its technical challenges that affected its multitude of customers in the country, Ghana’s largest mobile telecommunication network,MTN took a bold step to compensate its customers.

Many customers woke up this morning to find out the company had given every customer free data bundle ranging from 2Gigabit to 4Gigabit.

The company followed it up with a message on their social media handleS stating the data was for 2days, meaning, it expires after the two days.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, browsing or surfing the internet with their free data is like sending a tortoise on an errand. Its very slow and keeps buffering badly when you try to watch a movie.

I personally posted a story on my Facebook page and i tried sharing it to my groups. This simple task that usually takes me seconds, this time was taking me forever. The page failed to load. I had to adjust by switching my network to a different network to achieve my task.

A friend also tried downing a music worth 4.3Megabit on the internet and as i type this, he’s still downloading.

MTN could simply move on and pretend everything is normal than putting us through some psychological pain.