A lady has taken to the social media platform Twitter to reveal how her boyfriend of 4 years disappeared on her.

According to the south African lady who has the handle @annelisa_Z, her boyfriend of many years went MIA on her for 4 days only for her to find he was in the hospital with another woman who was having his baby.

“Last Year my boyfriend of 4 years disappeared for 4 days, I couldn’t reach him because I found out he was at the hospital with a woman who was having he’s baby.” She wrote on Twitter

Readers of her post accused her of being at faultforr refusing to have a baby for boyfriend.

But she rebatted by saying

“The Men under my comments saying it’s my fault for not giving him a child or refusing to having child for him, Listen here, I’m Having NO BABY with someone who firstly I’m not married to besides that I’m not financially and mentally ready for a child miss me with that nonsense✋🏽”

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