Wife of Evangelist Kwasi Nyarko has alleged that her husband threatened to kill her.

According to Mrs. Nyarko, all her predicament started when one morning she caught her husband in the art trying to take advantage of their house help.

This were her words:

My husband and I decided to bring in a helper to take care of our child whiles we go on with our daily work. She was just 16 years old and her duty was to take care of our son.

A week after, my helper complained to me that my husband wants to have his way with her but she refused. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what she said. I warned her and told her not to mention it to anybody.”

The next Monday morning, I inform my husband I was going to work and left the house. Upon reaching the junction, I quickly remembered that I left my purse home. I decided to go back for it. The house was very noisy with music when I got back. As soon as I entered the room, I saw my husband naked trying to abuse our helper. Then I shouted, that was when he threatened me.

Mrs. Nyarko today on “Obra” a popular show aired on Adom TV around 2:00 in the afternoon narrated her story but the panelists refuse to say anything or give any comments concerning this story.

According to Oheneyere Mercy Aseidu, she will only speak on this issue when the other party come to defend himself. This is because Evangelist Kwasi Nyarko is a celebrity and the wife might be just doing this to tarnish his image.

Mama Efe’s “Obra” show is a very popular show that helps people to solve their problems and also offer help to the needy.