After accusing Film maker Leila Afua Djansi of spreading lies about her and publicly setting her up for ridicule and insults, actress and philanthropist Kafui Danku has now come out to apologise for her unfortunate actions.

Earlier, Kafui Danku took to Facebook to berate the film maker for spreading unfounded lies about her. She further disclosed how the film maker had called her on several occasions to ask for thousands of dollars on her mission to help cure Doris, a young girl suffering from cancer of the eyes.

She has however come back to eat her words and called for come.

According to her, her source was a bomb and flawly flawed and all her revelations were done with baseless assumptions.

Leila Afua Djansi had earlier come out to refused claims that she had spread lies about her friend. According to her, she never gossiped about Kafui and she’s shocked the actress could publicly shame her on social media.