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‘My Wife Sells Waakye But She Makes A Lot Of Money Than Most Of These So-Called Celebs’- Kwaw Kese

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December 24, 2019
Kwaw Kese

Rapper Kwaw Kese has emphasised in a new interview that fame without money is meaningless, using his wife as a case study.

The Abodam man revealed for the first time that his gorgeous wife sells Waakye (a popular local delicacy) but makes more money than most of the celebrities we have in Ghana.

In an interview with MzGee on TV3, Kwaw Kese further revealed that his wife abandoned her career and ventured into selling because what she was earning was peanut.

“My wife is doing better than a lot of people that are on TV… In Ghana, I should be bold and say this: the actresses they are not making money from acting. No. Even some of the musicians are not making money from doing music… If my wife is on TV and she is being paid peanuts and everybody sees her…But it is not reflecting in the pocket…She doing better than she was on TV. And I think everyone wants to improve in life,” he stated.

Source: Ghbase.com

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