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Mzbel gives thumps up to compare Joe and Harris to Mahama and Jean

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November 05, 2020

Veteran musician and legend, Mzbel is boosted by the current election results in the USA and has sent an encrypted messege on Facebook.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently leading in the electoral votes in the ongoing elections in the USA.

The Democrat who has former California attorney, Kamala Harris as his running mate is believed to have a 85% chance of winning the election with Pennsylvania predicted to become Blue.

Though the situation in America has no correlation with the Ghanaian December election, Some political analyst and pundits believe the two situation might not be directly different because of the similarities in the two parties and candidates.

It’s an undeniable fact that the NPP shares the ideology of the ruling Republic party. Both parties are more capitalist in nature than socialist where as the NDC, a social democratic party is more socialist like the Democrats party in the USA.

Whether the NDC has lived up to its definition of formulating and implementing social policies and interventions is another topic for another day.

This and other facts like Joe Biden decision to pick a female for the position of Vice President has made persons like musician and entrepreneur, Mzbel to pitch Joe Biden to Mahama and Kamala Harris to Jean.

The musician posted a picture of the two candidates and gave it a thumps up.

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