On Monday it was reported that the offices of Zylofon FM was gutted by fire drawing sympathy from all corners of the country.

Everyone who heard the news offered their sympathy to the management of the Radio station and prayed they get back in business as soon as possible. The fire service have been engaged by the owners of the station to help in ascertaining the cause of the fire outbreak.

Before the fire service could come out with their findings, Ibrahim Dauda through his own forensic search, has determined the cause of the fire outbreak.

According to the number one nemesis of Nana Appiah Mensah, this was not just an ordinarily fire outbreak but rather, this was an arson.

Taking to his Instagram story, Ibrah one has accused the embattled business man of consciously setting his radio station on fire to gain public sympathy.

He posted

My brother NAM1, I’m sorry for your loss. Zylofon FM getting burnt is so heartbreaking.

But I’ll keep saying the truth no matter what, you and I know you intentionally set fire to that FM station in other to get pity from Ghanaians because of your court cases. Smartest man in Ghana , you’ve done well. You can fool everybody but not me. #GhanaShallProsper”

In another post, Ibrah wrote:

“I heard there’s news all over that Zylofon FM was burnt down by angry Menzgold customers. It’s a big lie. Those sayings those lies should think before saying so. Ghanaians are not fools.”

NAM1 intentionally set his stations’ on fire to get pity from Ghanaians -Ibrah One