Patience Asiedua, popularly known as Nana Agradaa has been convicted for operating a TV station without license contrary to section 110 of the Electronic transaction act 2008, act 772 by an Accra Circuit Court.

The court presided over by Emmanuel Essandoh also convicted Nana Agradaa for charlatanic advertisement (sika gari) contrary to section 137 of the criminal offences Act, 1960.

The conviction followed a guilty plea by Nana Agradaa, reports. The court, therefore, sentenced her to a fine of 3,000 penalty units (GHs36,000) on the count of operating a TV station without a license, in default, she will serve a three-year jail term in hard labour.

She is further sentenced to a fine of GHs10,000 for the offense of charlatanic advertisement, in default, serve a year in prison. The sentences are to be served concurrently. reports that Nana Agradaa looked sober and forlorn in the docket while the judge read her sentences to her.

One of the alleged victims of the former traditionalist, Nana Agradaa’s Sika Gari money doubling scheme has placed a heavy curse on the now repented priestess. In a message sent to, the man by the name Tetey Tekutei invoked curses on the former traditional priestess. He claimed that Nana Agradaa while practicing at her shrine, defrauded him of an amount of GHC7,200 and was asking for that money to be returned. He said should the former priestess fail to return his money, she was not going to “see the earth”.

He went on to add that no one including an Imam could save her if she does not return his money in full. Aggrieved Tetey Tekutei said: “This my message is to you NaNa Agradaa as my money you defrauded me, amount of 7200 Ghana cedis. I want my money back other you may not live and see the earth. Nobody can save you, no sheik or Iman can save you.” The aggrieved man was reacting to an article posted about the alleged victims of Nana Agradaa’s sika gari scheme.