Popular Self acclaimed young millionaire Ibrah One has hinted that the BNI from the United States of America are currently in the country to pick up some men.

According to Ibrahim Dauda, boys have gone into hiding upon the arrival of the men from the United States.

The BNI and the FBI of the United States have been on a man haunt lately in Africa. A number of people have been arrested in Nigeria for engaging in internet fraud and online romance were they promise unsuspecting women with marriage and run away with their monies.

We believe that is what has caused Ibrah1 to make that post.

He took to his Instagram story and wrote

BNI from America are here in Ghana to pick some people, the streets of accra is empty.boys hide like something and some of them even change their contact number. #WhoSayManDey#

We however can’t confirm if anyone has been arrested discreetly or not.