Popular Social media content creator, Louis Appiah of Tales of Nazir fame has gone after upcoming Ghanaian rapper, Black Shaerif for disrespecting the name of his family church.

Black Shaerif , who has gained admiration from prominent showbiz personalities like Sarkodie and Hammer of the Last 2 fame for his talent, shared a flier of a program he will be headlining this weekend on social media. The concert is dubbed “Mozama Disco Party

The title of the concert seems to have struck Nazir in the jugular.

According to Nazir, the Mozama Disco Christo Church was formed by his great-grand parents many years ago and it is a sign of disrespect for Black Sherif to be using it to promote his concert.

@BlackSherif or whatever you call yourself, please don’t disrespect my family church’s name. My great grandfather founded that church. That name is bigger than you and your entire generation. Act wise while in your prime young manFoolishness all in the name of hype and trend. Tell the organizers to change the name of the program at least out of respect to great men who were here before you.” Nazir said on facebook.