Neymar often pay his 10 friends 10,000 dollars monthly as

Neymar has a close group of friends called’parcas’ – which is a slang term in Portuguese meaning ‘partners’.

He trusts these men more than anyone else and they are paid £10,000-a-month to form ‘Team Neymar’.

Few of their names are Gil Cebola, Jota Amancio and Carlos Henrique and they each play a key role in the entourage while living in a posh, multi-million-pound mansion in the Paris suburbs.

Cebola worked briefly as Neymar’s agent, before taking a different role as the star’s photographer – he also manages live broadcasts and videos posted to social media.

Rolling with Neymar definitely has its benefits, as Cebola has launched a clothing brand, a tattoo shop and an events production company.

He has over half-a-million Instagram followers of his own.

Amancio calls himself Neymar’s personal advisor and the pair have been close since they played together in the youth team at Santos.

The third member, Henrique, is the brains of the entourage. He looks after Neymar’s commercial and business interests off thepitch.

So altogether, the team covers all bases and Neymar rewards them handsomely for that.

They’ve been seen partying together in Las Vegas alongside the likes of Serena Williams, stunning models and UFC Octagon Girls.

The team organised Neymar’s 26th birthday party in Paris and that had a guest list including the likes of Lewis Hamilton, BrazilianRonaldo, and famous Victoria’s Secret models.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also been seen partying at numerous holiday destinations, both on land and at sea on privateyachts.

But why is Neymar so generous with his wealth? Well, the answer is simple. He believes the parcas are part of the reason he is where he is today.