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Nigerian who works as a policeman in USA suffer criminal profiling in Nigeria after arriving for Christmas

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December 24, 2019
Nigerian suffers criminal profiling

If you ever thought racial and criminal profiling towards people of color and their looks exist only in America and Europe, then the experience of this gentleman will change your view about how this problem is a worldly phenomenon.

A gentleman with the twitter handle @wearethe2030 has shared his experience in Nigeria after arriving four days ago from the united states as a police officer.

According to the dreaded looking man, he has been profiled as a criminal by the Nigerian police just four days after arriving in the country simply because he a male and has dreadlocks

4 days in Nigeria & I have already been profiled as a criminal by the Nigeria police force. They profile people based on looks. Male with dreads, braids and so on. I work for the Washington DC as a police officer and I have braids. Enough of the profiling!

His outburst has drew condemnation for the Nigerian police and how they do their work with many asking for a extensive and pragmatic approach to curb the situation.

Some however, unsympathetically, told him the experience also exist in the USA so he shouldn’t be wailing and throwing tantrums about it as if its new to him.

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