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Nii Kpakpo Thompson speaks for the 1st time after Ignatious turned down 7 women on Date Rush

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May 07, 2020
Nii Kpakpo and Ignatious

Renowned TV and radio personality Nii Kpakpo Thompson has finally spoken about the reality show after Ignatius Baidoo, a male contestant, turned down advances from seven women on the show and became a social media sensation.

According to Nii Kpakpo though ‘Date Rush’ is one of the most exciting contents on TV currently, it is sometimes difficult managing the emotions of the contestants on air.

Speaking in an Instagram Live interview with Miriam Osei Agyemang of 3FM, Nii Kpakpo indicated that to manage the contestants’ emotions during the show, he employs a clever and humorous approach always on the show.


Nii Kpakpo added that he is optimistic that the ‘Date Rush’ show will grow bigger than it already is.

Date Rush is a speed dating program with the aim of matching single ladies with a single man. The process of matchmaking is to be crowned with an ultimate date.

As the show goes, a man comes up on stage and 10 female participants will show their interest in him by keeping their rush (light) on.

When a guy gets more than one rush, he goes through a process to select the one he would want to go on a date with. Rarely does a guy get more than two rushes on.

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