Popular actor and member of the National Democratic Congress, John Dumelo has accused the current government of silencing the media.

According to the actor and father of one, journalists are not talking about the current state of affairs in this country because they fear for their lives. He compared it to the criticisms the former president endured from journalists and deduced that, during the time of John Mahama, the climate was so conducive that they were free to air their views.

The actor took to twitter and wrote :

“No light, no water, high fuel, corruption, no jobs etc. The journalists are silent because they fear for their lives. Yet, during JM’s time, they talk and know they can breath freely. These days, there is freedom of expression, but no freedom after expressing. #silentmedia”

He is not the only person who has come to the conclusion that the media have been silent in criticising the Npp government. Sam Jonah and others have expressed the same views and have subtly accused the npp government of using ways and means to keep the media in check.