The fight to be the majority in parliament seems to have now morphed from who has the numerical advantage to who gets to the August house first.

After the December 7th election, there has been confusion as to which party has the majority in parlaiment. Both parties;- NDC and NPP, claim to be the majority.

As a convention over the years, the majority are always seated on the right hand side of the speaker.

During the day the house was voting for the speaker of parliament, the NDC arrived in parliament early in their numbers to sit at the right hand side of the Speaker and literally declared themselves the majority in parliament. This action by the NDC led to some tiny scuffles but the party still stood it grounds and refused to desert their seats.

Fast forward and the NPP has done same.

News reaching us reveals that , Members of the NPP arrived at the August house as early as 3am to sit on the right hand side of the Speaker. The NPP MPs , cladded in their white dresses chose to do that as a symbol to the opposition that they are the majority.

Some MPs were captured sleeping on their desks in anticipation of the speaker and opposition.

This was further echoed by Gabby of the NPP.