Reigning VGMA rapper of the year, Medikal has expressed his dissatisfaction and displeasure at how Joey B failed to stand up and defend Ghanaian artists and Ghanaians in general during his interview on Nigeria’s Beat FM.

Earlier on in the day, Joey B was on Lagos BEAT FM being interviewed by Olisa and Osi. In the said interview, the On-air-personalities (OAP), raise some outrageous criticisms about Ghanaian artists and Ghanaians in general. According to Olisa, Ghanaians are hateful and do not like Nigerians having shows in Ghana. Olisa further argued that Ghanaians sabotage shows that are organized by Nigerians in Ghana. He pinpoint Afrima and the Cardi B concert as an example to strengthen his point.

Not only did he stop there, he went on to say Ghanaian artists are not friendly with their fellow artists stating that there was no vibe that existed among Ghanaian artists.

Joey B, who was expected to prove the presenters wrong, got tongue tied and started murmuring incoherently without saying anything substantial.

His seeming inability to respond appropriately is what has caused music lovers and Ghanaians to lash out at him.

According to Medikal, who sounded highly displeased, Joey B had broken his heart with his attitude in the studios. The “sowutuom” rapper also outlined that , in every industry there’s a perceived animosity among forces so its not only in Ghana that such thing existed.

Every country get ein issues ! But nobody go publicly come wash ein pant hang am for radio station ! Ghana music is great and has always been ! In every country’s music industry, brothers quarrel here and there, but at the end of the day, they still come together ! It’s all entertainment ! This guy at The beat fm talking bout there is no brotherly love in our industry on air Like TF ? Joey B just broke my heart

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