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Only men with Abusive issues will attack eShun for her new found strength

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June 04, 2020

During the Me too movement that swept the world like a plaque, the universal question that were on the tongue of most men and i believe a few women was ” why now?”.

Why is she disclosing she was raped 20years ago? Why is she revealing to us this superstar forced his way into her pants 10years ago when the abuser has become a super star? Then the next narrative that develops from the “Why Now?” question is, she wants payment or she just want to ruin the status of the star. Often in Africa, we begin to assign evil spirit to the female. We instantly forget she’s a victim and begin treating her as a outcast.

Like the work of a magician stick, tuning in with the abracadabra incantation, we fail to imagine the years of trauma and psychological pain the victim might have gone through.

This is the case study of eShun. For those of you who don’t know who eShun is, let me spend a paragraph , though insufficient, to tell you a bit of who she is.

Ethel Esi Eshun popularly known as Queen eShun is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter known for hits like Someone loves me, Akyia, Koti ma no, and song ‘Fa Me Kor.’ Fa Me Kor is an Akan language which literally means ‘Take me away. Prior to her break into Ghana’s music scene, she was a participant of Nigeria’s Glo X-Factor where she won the first runner-up spot. She also took part in other two reality shows namely, MTN Project Fame and TV3 Mentor.

Things were moving smoothly albeit slowly for the 25year year old singer (26years on Sunday), when news went viral that she had parted ways with her manager, Stephen Mensah, who was also her boyfriend. Well, prior to that, eShun had denied in interviews that she was in a sexual relationship with the said gentleman. eShun followed it up by granting an interview with Zionfelixonline after she was refused access to her social media accounts. In her interviews , she leveled accusations at Steve including torture and psychological abuses and denigrated her own name by revealing she cheated on him twice.

Her decision to expose all the pain she had to go through in her relationship with her ex-boyfriend was unfortunately met with staunch criticism and insult , to the extent that a film director,Kofi Asamoah, known widely for making his wealth through stealing of movies subtly called her a prostitute. A prostitute for cheating on her BOYFRIEND? Absolutely BS.

eShun is human and has blood in her , she has been through hell and Steve Mensah , her ex-boyfriend has not denied any of her accusations. eShun revealed she was not paid for all her shows and performances, Steve denied not. eShun said she was tortured and psychologically abused, Steve denied not. eShun said she has no contract with her former boyfriend turned manager, Steve denied not.

So why lambast eShun? Is it so that your personal insecurities will be shelved in the backseat?

I read an article by my friend, Gideon Ofori of Gideon Web laying waste of eShun new found happiness. That’s his opinion and i accept that but luckily, his isn’t sacrosanct and has much flaws to be desired. If her being happy and telling the world about it means she’s depressed, then everyone is unless you walk with your face buried in the ground. I believe her depression was the many years she worked under a man who believed he owned her because he helped her when dating her.

eShun, live your life. Blossom with happiness and let the shackles fall.

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