Oswald who recently gained publicity for giving odds for betting and amassing over 750k followers overnight on Twitter has been ridiculed over his picture been used by La Meme Gang for a flyer he has no idea about.

According to the “Bettebrity – Someone who has gained fame from BET” a term coined by Ajeezay a comedian in Ghana to describe his fame has taken to his Twitter handle to express his frustration.

From his statement it could be noted that, La Meme Gang didn’t take it lightly on him and rather rained insult when he opted to address the pending issue.

He quoted

Tbh I didn’t need anything from this. Would have resolved it with just a chat. But since you disrespected and insulted me online after what you did, you’ll bear the ramifications. You say I wasn’t needed to sell your concert so why did you use my picture?

As usual some fans and followers on Twitter have taken the issue to another level by mocking La Meme Gang to the core.