Leader and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel (A.P.C) has spoken tough about how to live a luxury life on earth and not aiming of making it in heaven.

Obofour,who is also known as Iron boy stated that,as a Christian,your biggest priority is to make money and achieve name for yourself as he has done.

In a video monitored by Celebritieshype.com front liner,the popular prophet declared that Christian are not on earth to work to make it in heaven,thus,we are here to make money and fame and that’s the mission God has given to each individual and it must be fulfilled by hook or crook.

“There are two things that you need to get, Money and Fame. Don’t let any foolish any deceive you that we are on earth because of heaven but we are here on a mission and you need to fulfill” in the voice of Rev. Obofuor.
“If you don’t complete your mission you are a failure. Don’t tell me living a lavish life and making life comfortable for your children and also having all the good things on earth are worldly things” he added.

Watch video below;