The Italian league , popularly known as Seria A has turn to the use of images of monkeys in an anti-racism campaign less than three weeks after its clubs pledged to combat Italian football’s “serious problem”.

The NO TO RACISM poster show three monkeys with painted faces which will be displayed at Serie A headquarters in Milan.

The new artwork has come under severe criticism and rightly so has the artwork in no way turns to curb the already existing cancer in Italy.

“Once again Italian football leaves the world speechless. It is difficult to see what Serie A was thinking, who did they consult?” said anti-discriminatory body Fare.

“In a country in which the authorities fail to deal with racism week after week, Serie A have launched a campaign that looks like a sick joke.

“These creations are an outrage; they will be counter-productive and continue the dehumanisation of people of African heritage.

“It is time for the progressive clubs in the league to make their voice heard.”

Anti-discrimination body Kick It Out added: “Serie A’s use of monkeys in their anti-racism campaign is completely inappropriate, undermines any positive intent and will be counter-productive.

“We hope that the league reviews and replaces their campaign graphics.”

Many blacks and people of color have decried the level of racism that exist in the Seria A. Players like Balotteli , Muntari and Lukaku among others have come under racial attacks for plying their trade in the Italian league.

Most often the attacks are in gestures depicting them as Monkeys and Chimpanzees so its quite horrifying and intriguing when a FA which is meant to kick such behaviors away rather deepen the cancer by using painted faces of monkeys as it anti-racism campaign.