Popular Ghanaian pastor and Founder and Leader of London Prayer Center, Brian Amoateng has come out to apologize after his earlier attack on people suggesting the mega-churches in the country provide sanitizers and food for it’s citizens during this covid-19 crises.

Earlier yesterday, Ghanaian social media influencer , Efia Odo called on the mega-churches and mosques in the country to help its congregations and citizens by providing hand sanitizers and other essentials to help mitigate their chances of catching the coronavirus. She also suggested that the church open it house for the homeless who are affected by the government fumigation exercise.

Pastor Brian Amoateng , who is also the founder of the International Youth Summit (IYES) found her assertion ridiculous and mounted a defense during his Facebook live dubbed “questions and answers”.

According to the clergyman, the church is struggling to make ends meet such as paying it’s rent so where were they going to get money to buy hand sanitizers and food. He added that, it is not the responsibility of the Church to get it members hand sanitizers because they give offerings. The popular man of God who is always hanging out with celebrities in his Ghanaian gatherings further opined that, offerings are given to God for blessings.

But in a sharp turn around, Pastor Brian Amoateng has taken to his Instagram account where his live video did not happened to issue an apology.

In his apology statement, he revealed he had personally given out about 100 hand sanitizers to people.


APOLOGY- My attention has been drawn to a section of a live video I did dubbed “questions and answers” on Facebook and a comment I made about Churches giving out sanitizers.

I wish to put on record that i am not against churches giving out sanitizers to its members and even extending to the community at large. Indeed the church exist to support the community.

My discussion and comments was in relation to a question asked by one of our live audience about the church having the sole responsibility of providing hand sanitizers to it members since members give offerings all the time.

My explanation was on the basis that the church cannot be seen to be the only or sole institution to do that and that members also had a role to play as well as the government . It was in this light that I made my comment .

I have personally given about 100 hand sanitizers to some youth , church members and other needy persons.

I however apologize if this point did not come clearly in my interactions on the live feed on Facebook.
Keep safe under the shadow of the almighty .


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