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Patapaa is the most romantic man i have ever met- Liha Miller speaks from honeymoon bed

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January 04, 2021

Liha Miller, wife of Ghanaian singer Patapaa has said that her husband is the most romantic man she has ever met in her entire life.

Speaking from their honey moon, Liha Miller who obviously looked like she has totally been swept off her feet by the Ghanaian singer, explained that her newly wedded husband cares about her well being a lot.

According to her , anytime they are in a car, Patapaa makes certain she has a seat belt on. She also noted that Patapaa covers her with their duvet anytime she falls asleep.

Liha Miller further added that Patapaa is a prayerful person who even introduced her to her church and pastor. She also talked about a time she had Typhoid fever and Patapaa was all over the place till she got well

when i was sick and had typhoid , people said i had grown lean they didn’t know i was sick , Patapaa never slept a night. He was always by my side asking me if i am alright. One night he was up praying for me” she said in an interview with Sandy of Adom TV

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