Ghanaian socialite and brand influencer Efia Odo , has added her voice to the ongoing LGBTQI debate in Ghana.

For some days now, Ghanaians in all spheres of life have been debating for and against the legalization of Lesbians, Gays , Bixesuals, Transgender and Queers in the country.

Whiles those on the liberals side are calling for its legalization, the mostly conservatives and religious group are speaking with a different tone and asking for a more stringent measure to curb its spread among the populist.

Among the celebrities speaking for its legalization is none other than Deborah Venessa , popularly known as Sister Deborah. She labelled those against it as “bloodclats”. According to her, people have the right to decide what they want.

Efia Odo has also added her voice to the flaming debate.

According to the new face of Euro Decor Ghana, people should feel free to have sexual encounters with whoever they want to have it with. Where she tends to disagree is the attempt to be PDA(public display of affection) about it.

She tweeted:

People should feel free to f**ck whoever they want to f**ck. Just don’t push it in peoples faces that you’re fu**king whoever you wanna f**ck.