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People who steal food should not be jailed. The economy is hard- Efia Odo calls for clemency

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November 19, 2019

Television show host and actress Efia Odo has called on Ghanaians and the law enforcing agencies to temper justice with mercy when anyone is caught stealing food .

According to the actress, whose real name is Andrea Owusu, those who steal food don’t do so just for the fun of it but rather they steal food because of hunger.

The pretty actress added that, the state of the country’s economy is not in the best of shape thereby making it difficult for people to fend for themselves.

In a short post on twitter the actress wrote

People who steal food shouldn’t be jailed, they’re just hungry, economy make hard o

As a matter of conviction, we do side with the actress on this issue. There are a lot of Ghanaians languishing in jail for committing petty crimes such as stealing food but where we find it difficult to square the circle is when “stealers” engage it such acts with weapons.

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