In an effort to obey the government’s laid down protocols on Covid19, an unnamed students in one of the government’s primary schools have improvised by creating his own face mask out of white paper.

The photo of the young man which has gone viral on social media has depicted the government’s unpreparedness to safeguard students against the new strain of the virus eventhough schools have reopened.

Yesterday addressing the country on the 22nd time, the President warn Ghanaians to observe all the required preventive actions including the wearing of face mask to control the spread of the virus.

According to Nana Addo, if the increasing trend of the virus isn’t curbed, he will be forced to implement a second partial lockdown.

He also highlighted on the facts that schools will be reopened on the 18th and 19th of January.

Unfortunately, the reopening of the school did not come along with the necessary PPEs to help schools curtail the spread of the virus.

Ghana TV presenter, comedian and professional teacher, Teacher Kwadwo in a post on Facebook shared complained that 99% of his school’s population do not have nose masks.

He wrote this on Facebook;

99% of the pupils in my school had NO Nose Mask today.
They all played together as usual.
I asked why they are not wearing Nose Masks and I was told, they have not been provided.
I asked again..”When are they gonna be provided?”
Answer: NO IDEA.”