It obvious to hear or see such a thing on a special day like this. Well the case of a facebook User Nana Tea and Wife Barbie Rhiano is something that has left most citizens in a Jaw dropping and Eye Popping State.

Praising his Wife he met on Facebook in a group called ‘Tell it All’, Nana Tea said his lovely wife, Barbie Rhiano did something on that day that really shocked him.

According to Tea his wife never called him nor complained about her not getting a car to change from her engagement dress to her Wedding Gown.

According to him, his Wife rather decided to take a taxi of which he deem very shocking for any lady to agree to do that , can report.

Nana Tea’s Post Read :

I married my Facebook friend today who is also a member of dis group and to add to that , she gave me two boys(Twins). Today u did something that really shocked me, when u were about to changed into ur wedding gown at ur guest house and there was no available car , u took a Taxi..u nvr called me or complained about me not able to get a car for u. If u can be with me during my hard times even on our wedding day, u will surely deserve it when we finally we made it.alot of memories were shared today but that aspect blew my u beautiful. Atta maame Barbie Rhiano

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