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Please No Dulling is for us and not Kuame Eugene- Keche cries

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December 14, 2020

It seems the conscious or unconscious decision by a section of Ghanaians to refer to “No dulling” as a song belonging to Kuame Eugene has gotten the better part of music duo, Keche.

No Dulling, a song by Keche which featured Kuame Eugene has become one of the most played song on radio and during programs.

The influence of Lynx entertainment singer, Kuame Eugene is so much felt on the song that many mistakenly believe that the song belongs to the “Open Gate” hitmaker.

In a recent entertainment discussion, Entertainment critic and socialite, Abena Moet mistakenly attributed the song to Kuame Eugene when discussing whether Dr Drew had sampled the song in his latest single.

Keche however decided to set the record straight by stating that Moet was confusing her listeners by referring to the song as Kuame Eugene’s song.

Please Abena Moet and everyone please Nodulling is for Keche and not Kuame Eugene , u are confusing people “

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