One would have thought that being loud on social media and practically having the mouth to speak on every trending story on social media, the self acclaimed dancehall king might at lease have an idea of the current happenings in Ghana.

“As for Ghana dierr the problem is us the youth ..we can’t stand up and fight for our right ..Nonesense ..Everyday typing online …Massa that no go solve anything ooo ,Rise and fight and stop writing this nonesense Essays !! Mek I tink”

I will admit, its not a crime to be ignorant of the fact but it beats my widest imagination for Shatta Wale to miss the trending hastag, #Fixthecountry and the current state of affairs concerning this matter.

Until the ruling two or three days ago, the youth who had express their desire to protest till things are fixed in this country were enstopped from holding a demonstration or a protest. Efia Odo together with 15 young men and women were arrested for simply showing support at the law court. Isn’t Shatta Wale aware?

Let me give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he is immune from having empathy for his love ones, has Shatta Wale seen photos of Ghanaians holding placards line on the streets exposing the dilapidating state of the country of social media?

Without mincing words, i am left at a point were i am touched by my angel to describe Shatta Wale as one sadistic person who tried to robe sand into our gari.

Just yesterday, Ibrahim Mohammed (Say his Name) an activist of #FixTheCountry was killed by unknown individuals(reports describe them as NPP fanatics) for speaking on their behalf. Prior to his murder, Ibrahim Mohamed (Say his Name) had received countless death threat from people who felt his activities of speaking out was making the government unpopular.

As if his death wasn’t enough to draw sense from above, Shatta Wale from his “not though through” is aware people have been shot at for protesting against the killing of this young man.

Reports coming indicates two have been killed and many others injured.

Shatta Wale can be canny and corny at the same time but that attitude of projecting his confusion on others shouldn’t be entertained. We are fighting amidst grieve. Join us or shut up and stop gaslighting the youth