Fans of the bromance that used to exist between the CEO of shatta movement , Shatta Wale and his pal, Pope skinny will remember how both artistes used to hang around at the former’s house and relax in his pool.

Things took a bad turn when a misunderstanding broke the seemingly unbreakable bond that was shared among the two artistes.

There was insults, revelations and exchange of derogatory words that were thrown at each other as things went sour.

In all the confrontations, what really caught the attention of social media was when fans revealed Shatta Wale had warn Pope Skinny to stay away from his house and never to be seen anywhere near his pool.

During the time of the confrontation, Pope skinny was far away in the US , probably convincing himself that, life was no all about shatta wale’s pool.

Anyway, Pope Skinny has been seen celebrating the birthday party of one of his supposed loyal fans near a rubber pool that is said to be a pool he got for himself to make up for the one he has been denied of by his former ride and die friend.

How true is this?