Popular queer power couple who announced their pregnancy on Instagram and in a statement to The Advocate, a magazine focused on queer communities in July this year, have given birth to a bouncing baby Girl.

The couple ,Myles a transmasculine (Woman who identifies as Man) and Precious , a Transwoman (Man Who identifies as Woman) made the announcement of the addition of the new member of the family via post on the Instagram pages.

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It has not been easy for Myles to get pregnant after they had to use in vitro fertilization, which meant months of hoping for a pregnancy only to get negative results. But they always had the support of their friends, family members and community members.

Both have been outspoken advocates for LGBTQ people and people of color. Myles is the director of communications at Equality Illinois; Precious works at the Sierra Club but has worked at the Center on Halsted in the past.