Presidential side-chick: Eugene Arhin’s wife accuse him of having an affair with Kan Dapah pyjamas girl.

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February 11, 2021

Gloria Arhin, the wife of the Director of Communication at the presidency, Eugene Arhin has filed for divorce accusing her husband of extramarital affairs with countless of women.

Gloria Arhin,who is asking the court to grant her custody of their children and 50% of every property garnered by her during their marriage has also accused her husband of having an affair with one Chantel Kudjawu (Gertrude Gbajo).

Mrs Chantel Kudjawu is not new to the Ghanaian news airspace.

The first time her name popped up was when a video of the National security minister, Kan Dapah went viral. In the said viral video, the National Security Minister could be seen wearing his pyjamas and attentively acting seditious like a toy held in the arms of a child.

Kan Dapah flawlessly looked like a child at a candy shop and did as he was commanded by a lady who was later revealed to be the same Chantel that Eugene Arhin’s wife ahs accused him of having an affair wife.

The suit reads “that the Respondent has committed and keeps committing adultery, deserted the Petitioner and behaved unreasonably towards the Petitioner and by reason of the said treatment and conducts of the Respondent, the marriage has broken down beyond reconciliation and all attempts aimed at resolving the challenges have proven futile.”

It added, “..the Respondent has other women in his life with whom he has extramarital affairs including one Chantel Kudjawu [Getrude Gbajo] whom the Respondent continues to have extramarital affairs with.” She adds.

The mentioning of Chantel Kudjawu’s name in the suit has stirred some reactions on social media as they seek answers on who exactly she is.

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