On Thursday 13th of January 2022,it was alleged that Radio Ada,a community based radio at Ada had been attacked by unknown men,and properties Vanderlized. It was also stated,that the alleged attackers demanded the whereabout of one Noah and further went ahead and threatened to deal with the staff of the station should they report anything on songor.

Reliable informations gathered from intelligence source,indicates that the purported attack as claimed by Radio Ada is fake .

Further informations revealed that the claim made by the Radio station was a stage act to simply court public attention ,hatred and disaffection for those who supports the call for the take-over of Ada songor.

It will interest readers to note that on this same faithful day of 13th January 2022,Ada radio being the media mouthpiece championing the course against the Ada songor take-over,in collaboration with friends of the station (Ada Youth alliance ),planned a massive Demonstration against the take-over.

This proposed and well advertised demonstrations spearheaded by Ada Radio failed to come onn,after their target members realised they’ve been economical with the truth surrounding the take-over and declined from participating in the said demonstrations.
This blow,indeed rendered Ada Radio and the organisers of the intended demonstrations useless and further exposed.

These amongst other ill motives ,compelled Radio Ada to stage the act in other to throw dust in the eye of the public.
Investigations further revealed,that a leading member amongst the demo planning Committee (a regular host at Radio Ada),was openly heard saying “..we have to take a plan B to save our image…” immediately the demonstrations failed,and this was for them to adopt an alternative plan to attract attention and court public hatred and anger.The underlining fact,hence the cook and bull storey by Ada radio ( Demonstration organizers).

Furtherance to that ,claims made by Radio Ada has come as a shock and surprise to many within the community,since no single person within the community can attest nor witnessed to the alleged attack.

It is also revealing that on that faithful day and hour of the claimed incident, police presence and patrol in Ada and specifically Radio Ada station’s stretch were highly intensified with backup patrol teams from the Tema regional operations unit due to the planned demonstrations (a fact available courtesy Ghana police).

It’s also on record that on or around 11 – 11:30 am ,the very time Ada Radio claimed the incident occurred ,police presence and visibility was on full fletch at that very spot,and if such thing truly occurred as alleged by Radio Ada ,the police would hv seen the act or the perpetrators and effect their arrest right away.

This notable facts and informations in the public space has left members within and around the Radio station and its visinity furious and demanding answers to numerous questions pertaining to the claim made by Radio Ada.

Listeners of the Radio station were not left out in this whole mirage/myth as they were equally surprised to hear Radio Ada’s announcement on air that they are not going to talk about the demo and no one should call and comment on it (the subject).there is an available audio to that effect,where the presenter behind the consul that hour and moment openly stated the above and went ahead to truncate callers who decided to talk about the Demonstration on air whilst phone inn segment was on.

Reflecting on the piece, the facts available,factors brought to bear,actions & inactions as well as the timing that all this events occurred ,gives members of the community as well as the good ppl of Ada and Ghana room to wonder and keep wondering!

All indicators clearly points to the fact that Radio Ada,in an attempt to seek attention and advance its grand agenda of courting public anger and disaffection for supporters of the take-over well managed and stage the act hence its all fake and empty with no single truth .

The ff are questions begging for answers from Radio Ada

A.where are the evidences that shows the actors of the alleged attacks ..not even a single footage

B.why couldn’t the police apprehend the perpetrators if soo, because police visibility was high right at that spot.

C.why did radio Ada ,main advocate and campaigners of the Demonstration decided not talk about it and after made a u-turn at that same time ,to come up with this claim later?

From a true son of the land
Ada li.